I lost my best friend, my husband, after 40 years of marriage. Being in my middle 50's, I resigned myself to spending my golden years alone. A friend told me about her dating "Love Coach", Pamela, and suggested I have the free phone consultation. That call changed everything! Pam actually wrote out a "prescription" of the work we would be doing once I told her my story. Reluctantly I started to get out of my hermit mode and joined a dating site. Pam encouraged me to have pictures made and even helped me pick out clothes to wear on dates! My confidence started to skyrocket and I was feeling like the girl I had been years ago. I'm thrilled to announce that 8 months after working with Pam, I met the man I now consider my life partner. If you're ready to turn the chapter in the romance department of your life, take the plunge and hire Pam!

Donna P., Louisville, KY

My husband died several years ago. The relationship left me fairly scarred and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to get into another relationship. After meeting with Pam, sitting down and talking about fears, what I might be looking for an what I didn't want in another relationship, she encouraged me to sign up for a few dating sites and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Pam helped me navigate the dating process and how to craft a good relationship. I did meet a wonderful man! We have been seeing each other for over a year. I would encourage anyone to take the leap with Pam! She will help you find what you are looking for!

Marie, Indian Trail, NC

My Love Coach, Pam, saved my life! I thank God for her every day. She helped me heal from a relationship I never thought I'd get past. Now I'm meeting new men and feeling like every day is a new adventure! With all the new possibilities Pam has opened my eyes to, I believe my beloved is on his way!

Robin, Houston, TX

I came to Pam when I was struggling with a long-distance relationship that was not healthy for me. With Pam's guidance and support, I quickly realized my sabotaging dating patterns and started to peel away years of fear and self-doubt. Had it not been for Pam, I am sure I wouldn't have been prepared to meet my soul mate...that's exactly what happened ...within 2 months of working with Pam, I met the man who is now my prince. We've been together 3 years now and we couldn't be happier!!

Tatyana, Atlanta, GA

I'm with the man of my dreams thanks to the mentoring and sage guidance I got while working with Pamela! When I came to her, my life was torn in so many directions. I was pursuing a man that wasn't right for me, waiting for an ex who was still in the picture to "choose" me and casually seeing a couple from online dating. Thanks to Pam's intuition, I got rid of the duds and ended up falling for the man I ruled out because he wasn't my typical "type". I am forever grateful as Dave and I are now planning our wedding!

Linda, Menlo Park, CA

Pamela Changed my life! I found the man of my dreams because she chose a career that leads people to love! I needed more than blind dates set up by friends. I needed a coach to help me overcome the self-doubt and false beliefs I had about myself. I was surprised by how painless the process was and enjoyed the homework assignments, too:). To my surprise, I met the love of my life in the first 3 months of working with Pam. I'm a believer that Love is for Everyone!! I Met Doug with Pam's guidance and we got engaged 10 months later!!! THANK YOU, PAM!

Charity, Owosso, MI

Pam was influential in providing me with the ability to overcome my relationship issues after my separation and in helping me to value myself. I would highly recommend her professional service to anyone who needs sound advice and guidance.

Thomas B.